Immunity Boosting food

A person acquires immunity by too many factors and the one main reason behind is THE FOOD! We cannot ignore the concept of “healthy cooking & happy living” as it is the need of the hour.

To start our Immunity Boosting Recipe series, we have mutton bone soup for non-vegetarians and the equally good Dal Rasam for the vegetarians!

Both these recipes are South Indian cuisine’s traditional ones and are effective in fighting against cold & flu.

Let’s start with the vegetarian foods to boost your immunity. Here is a list of few recipes that can help.

Dal Rasam

Plaintain Stem Recipe (Vazhaithandu Recipe)

Ginger tea

Ginger & Tomato chutney

Chutney Recipes – Tomato Chutney, Groudnut Chutney, Coconut chutney, Mint Chutney & Onion Chutney.

Banana Flower vada (Vazhai Poo Vadai)

Mudakathan keerai (balloon wine plant stir fry)

Bottle Gourd Recipe (Surakkai Kootu)

Green Peas Semi-Gravy

Iron rich sesame laddu

Non-vegetarians can easily acquire vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients but it may add up your calories when not properly burnt! Let’s go ahead with nutrient-rich food for the non-vegetarians here.

Sea Food

Crab Curry

Fish recipe for Vitamin-D Deficiency (Kilanga Meen Kuzhambu)

Mutton Recipes

Mutton Soup

Instant Chicken Soup

Dhaba Style Punjabi Mutton Curry

Uppu Kari Recipe

Soya Beans Mutton Keema Recipe – a one pot dish.

Mutton Liver Varuval

Chicken Recipes

Natukozhi Recipe (Country Chicken) – Country Chicken Gravy & Fry

Nei Kozhi (Country Chicken Ghee Roast)

Juicy Green Chicken (Mint or Pudina Chicken)

Quick Sauted Chicken

Soup Recipes

For Non-Vegetarians

If you wish to have a light meal, go for salads or soups which give energy as well as boost energy.

Chicken Soup Recipe

An excellent cure for ulcer is the soup made with Agathi Keerai Saaru

One can also go for Rasam which is another simple recipe but loaded with goodness.

For Vegetarians

Rasam Recipe

Dal Rasam Recipe

Salad Recipes

3 Easy Salad Recipes – a must try for those who wish to control their weight but not their taste buds.

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