Kozhukattai or Modak with Roti Maker | Step-By-Step Instructions with pictures

kozhukattai or modak with roti maker
Kozhukattai (a South Indian Sweet stuffed with Coconut, Jaggery & Moong dal)

Kozhukattai or modak with Roti Maker is one of the easiest and quickest ways to prepare delicious sweets. Of course, there are varieties in kozhukattais such as Pooranam kozhukattai, Pidi Kozhukattai, Pal Kozhukattai, etc. In the Pooraam Kozhukattai, the side stuffing i.e.,the Pooranam can be made with coconut, jaggery and moong dal or any thing of your choice! An aromatic Homemade ghee and the crunchy nuts add an extra taste and richness to the Kozhukttai Recipe. This South Indian Recipe is very popular during a festival called ‘Vinayagar Chathurthi’ and it is a must sweet for this festive at all South Indian Homes!

I have given the recipe card, step-by-step illustration of the recipe with photographs and the video of the recipe.

Let’s head on to the recipe video…

Kozhukattai with Roti Maker – Recipe Video

Step-by-step Illustration of the recipe with photographs:

Moong Dal soaked for 10 minutes to prepare the stuffing called as “Pooranam”

The Recipe has got it’s variants in name such as Kolukattai, Kolukatai, Kozhukatai, Pooranam, and the modern moms call it as Sweet balls! You can either stuff the sweet inside a coating of rice flour roti or can mix rice flour along with the sweet stuffing to prepare this recipe! Here, we are preparing a stuffed Kozhukattai.

Jaggery & Cardamom seeds to be ground together without adding water

It is the stuffing i.e,, the Pooranam that adds taste to the sweet recipe. Healthy ingredients make it yet delicious and a great recipe even for kids! We also add Desi ghee (Pure Cow ghee) to make it super delicious and smell aromatic!

Coconut coarsely grind in a Mixer – wiper mode

All we need is a fresh coconut that can be ground to gratings with wiper mode in a Mixer. You can also use store bought desicated coconut and it tastes equally good! Why not use the fresh ones? After all, we are preparing the delicious recipe for our loved ones! So, give them the best and fresh at all times!

Cook the soaked Moong dal with little water just for 10 minutes!

Kozhukattai or Modak with Roti Maker – pooranam preparation

All our ingredients for the stuffing are ready! So what next? Cook and mix! Cook the soaked moong dal by adding a little water and just for 10 minutes! Strain the extra water after cooking, or else our stuffing becomes watery. So it’s better to add only the required water for cooking!

Mix the ingredients of the Stuffing – Jaggery, Coconut & Cooked Moong Dal

Don’t forget to add a little salt to the stuffing i.e., the Pooranam as it enhances the taste! You can even add salt while cooking the dal but I added while mixing up all the ingredients together. Two table spoons of Desi Ghee add rich taste and aroma to the pooranam, so never ever forget to add it! This stuffing tastes great as such and you cab scoop it into a bowl and grab as such! I love to have it in such a way! So I always prepare some extra stuffing to be eaten without any outer layer of rice flour. Sometimes, I prepare Poli/Boli, another famous South Indian Sweet, made with the same stuffing but with a Roti like outer layer! So you can save some stuffing for making Poli/Boli the next day!

Rice Flour for the outer covering layer

the outer covering

The outer layer to cover the stuffing is made with rice flour. I have taken 1.5 cups of raw rice flour that we use to make Idiyapam (String Hoppers) recipe. You can also make Rice Flour Roti that’s another easier and healthier south Asian recipe made in just few minutes!

Add hot water (not boiling water) little by little to the rice flour mixed with salt & some ghee. You can forma thick dough after mixing up the water throughout the flour. Just look at the consistency in the above image. If you hold it, the shape retains! It’s perfect to make any kozhukattai and here we are going to stuff it with the authentic pooranam that we prepared just now!

The trick here we are going to use is a Roti Maker to make Kozhukattai! Yes, it sounds vague, right? With a roti maker we can make 3 to 5 kozhukattai in a minute but without using it we end up doing just one or two in the same time! You can check out the Roti Maker Useful or Not? video in my Youtube Channel “Let’s Cook Like Experts“.

Just press once with the rice flour kept in between two butter papers on the Roti Maker

How to use roti press?

As just shown in the image above, you can place a rice dough in between two butter papers that are greased with ghee and placed on the Roti Maker. For clear instructions on How to use the Roti Maker?, you can click the link.

The roti that we made should be of medium thickness and very thin roti may create holes while stuffing the Pooranam inside. So, what next? Just stuff and Steam the yummy Kozhukattai!

Placing the Pooranam inside the Rice flour Roti

After placing the stuffing, just fold in the middle to form a semi-circle. You can even press the edges with a fork to get beautiful designs on it! Multiple Kozhukkati shapers known as ‘Kozhukattai ache or Modak Mould” are available in the market. You can even try one to shape it like professionals!

Steam (on a oil/ghee coated plate) just for 10 minutes!

After Steaming in an Idly Pot or using any steamer just for 10 minutes, we are ready to taste the best ever sweet for the day! It’s really healthy and all authentic ingredients makes the recipe truly a South Indian sweet Recipe!

Yummy Sweet Pooranam Kozhukattai!

Just a give it a try and share your comments! The full recipe video – Kozhukattai with Roti Maker is available on our Youtube Channel “Let’s Cook Like Experts” and stay tuned for more yummy recipe!

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