ASK Jhansi Products நான் ஏன் வாங்கினேன்? |Useful or Not?

Comparison with Hindustan lever Products that I mostly use

Comparison with RIN, Surf Excel, VIM Gel, Colin, Harpic & Lizol

I happened to view ASK Jhansi products through Youtube recommendations. As it’s locally manufactured I thought of giving a try! I generally buy Hindustan Lever products such as RIN, Surf Excel, Ponds, Vim Dish Wash gel, etc for my day-to-day home care needs. I also use Harpic for toilet cleaning, Colin as a multipurpose cleaner and Lizol for floor cleaning. Hindustan lever is a British-Dutch-based Company and their products are really of good quality!
So why should I change my products?, after all, I’m satisfied with what I’m buying? You can get the answers in the video! ASK Jhansi Products நான் ஏன் வாங்கினேன்? |Useful or Not?

It is a genuine review and whatever I say are just my personal experience! As you all know, every person’s point of view would definitely differ and yo might have different opinions on ASK Jhansi Home Care products as well! So do share your views and let’s begin whether they are useful or not!

Few of the products that I bought are:

Let’s start reviewing the products one-by-one.

ASK Jhansi Fabric Wash Acto:

As I mentioned earlier, it is specifically for bucket washing and for top load washing machines. These types of washing require little strong detergent mix and this Acto is perfect combination of harsh on stains but not on clothes or hands. I used four caps of Acto liquid in its own lids/cap. Actually, the cap looks very smaller than that of RIN. Yes, it holds just half the capacity of a RIN’s cap. It’s better to rinse the clothes for at least an hour before washing. I took only white clothes to see the results. As with colored fabric, we might not clearly judge whether the stains are perfect removed or not. Also, I directly applied few drops of the Acto liquid over the collar and on the stains, This was as per the instructions given on the back side of the detergent liquid bottle. This Acto detergent liquid can be compared to RIN liquid in its costs and quality. 800 mL of RIN detergent liquid costs INR 99 whereas 1.03 L of Ask Jhansi Fabric wash liquid costs INR 128. For step-by-step video illustration and comparison click here.

Ask Jhansi Fabric Wash Acto Vs Rin Liquid

After gentle washing without any efforts, I found that the stains on the collar are removed completely! The clothes looked brighter and cleaner without any stains. But few strong stains were still found. Then I tried Vanish to remove those tough stains. But still they dint disappear. So, the detergent washes really well for clothes with less dirts and for day-to-day used clothes, But for tough stains, we need to find some alternatives!

ASK Jhansi Fabric Wash Bio

This detergent liquid is made for front load washing machines. This can be a better solution for the tough stains that were n’t gone with Ask Jhansi Fabric Wash Acto detergent liquid. Why not give it a try? It’s costing and quality are more or less similar to Surf Excel Easy wash detergent liquid and It is purely my opinion.

Ask Jhansi Fabric wash Bio Vs Surf Excel Easy Wash Liquid

Surf Excel Easy wash 1 liter bottle costs INR 180 whereas Ask Jhansi Fabric wash Bio 1.03 liters costs INR 163. These detergent liquids are anti-bacterial in action and I could see tiny worms coming out of the drainage pipe when I poured the waste rinsed water into it. It means that the anti-bacterial property of the detergent liquid wasn’t tolerated by those worms and hence they came out. So, we can wear dirt-free as well germ-free clothes when our clothes are washed with this detergent.

Bio Matic Detergent Powder

There is a saying in Tamil that

“Our Paanai Sotruku, Oru Soru Patham!”.

A Tamil proverb

It means a single rice is enough to check whether the the entire pot of rice is cooked! This saying holds true here as well. Yes, I’m quite satisfied with the quality and costs of the Acto and Bio detergent liquids from Ask Jhansi and hence there is no doubt that this product would also be of great quality and cost effective!

For Top Load, Front Load Washing Machines & for Dish Washers too!

Bubble Matic Detergent Powder is also available from this brand and as the name suggests, it is much foamy!

Ask Jhansi Dish Wash Gel

This gel looks like Vim dish wash gel in its color, texture and thickness. The smell was mild and doesn’t created any allergy on our hands. Yes, I used it without wearing gloves on my hands and it dint do any harm on the skin. But you can even use a silicon scrubbing hand glove for dish washing purposes. Also, its cost is just half when compared to Vim dish wash gel.

Ask Jhansi Dish wash gel Vs Vim

Vim Dish wash gel 250 mL costs INR 55 whereas this Ask Jhansi Dish wash gel trial pack of 120 ml costs just INR 20. When we buy bulk quantities such as 5 litres, we can get some good discounts! One more thing, it is better to use natural coconut coir fibers for cleaning utensils. It kills the germs that try to accumulate over it whereas the scrubbers that we use today, accumulate thousands of germs every day! So, try to use coconut fibers for scrubbing purposes and those are easily available at our Indian homes!

ASK Jhansi Toilet Cleaner

Testing with Harpic toilet cleaner, my all time favorite brand for clean and germ-free toilets!

I generally use Harpic for toilet cleaning purposes and I never change this product as I’m quite satisfied with it. As Ask Jhansi is an Indian product, I wanted to give it a try! The Ask Jhansi toilet cleaner resulted in super clean toilet but there came lesser foam when compared to Harpic. This dint affect the overall cleanliness of the toilet after the product was being used. Why not we try to use our own country’s product that going behind a foreign brands! By the way, I’m not against foreign brands or globalization but wherever possible it is meaningful & useful to give opportunities to our own people.

ASK Jhansi Multi-Purpose cleaner

This is yet another fast moving product from the Ask Jhansi brand and its known for its quality and cost effectiveness. I always use Colin for cleaning different surfaces such as mirror, mica over cot, car surfaces, sofa seats, gas stoves, kitchen counter tops, electronic machines such washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. What else, we can add on to the list! But these are most frequently cleaned things and sort accumulation is not much! So, I planned to test this product over surfaces that accumulated tough stains and dirt!

Ask Jhansi Multi-purpose Cleaner Vs Colin

The first one that I check was over a rusted wash-basin and stained tap. I directly sprayed this Ask Jhansi multi-purpose cleaner over the rust and tap and left as such for 5 minutes. Then, I gently scrubbed with a handy brush. I could also have used a Tile Cleaner for this purpose but I din’t have one such at the tie I cleaned. So I used this multi-purpose cleaner. The rust stain dint go and the tap remained as such! But the wash-basin tile was cleaned well!

As the stain was tougher, I tried the Ask Jhansi toilet cleaned over the rust and pipes. After leaving it for 5 minutes, I started rubbing over with a brush. The rust came out slightly but the tap remained as such. So, I came to a conclusion that these products are not meant for rust removing purposes or for cleaning any tough stains that were accumulated over time.

Ask Jhansi Floor Cleaner

I’m a great fan of Lizol floor, especially, for its rose fragrance! I actually dint feel like trying any other product other than lizol! But who knows this Ask Jhansi floor cleaner might turn to be a better one than lizol. So I wanted to check and hence I bought it. I got just the lime fragrance floor cleaner and not sure of other available fragrances. The smell dint make me feel as good as lizol rose fragrance. I added half a cap of liquid to hold bucket water and mopped the floor. I also poured few drops over tough stains on the floor. I left it to rinse for 5 to 10 minutes and then started mopping over. The stained were removed and the floor turned clean as well. After drying, I could see few traces on the floor and it looked annoying. So, I should have used a little lesser quantity of the Ask Jhansi floor cleaner liquid than the lizol.

500 ml of Lizol costs INR 93 whereas 550 mL of Ask Jhansi Floor Cleaner costs just INR 78. Also, we need just lesser quantity of the liquid than the lizol. Though it cleaned well and cost-effective, when it comes to fragrance, I liked Lizol!


Switching from one brand to another is not just a decision but should be a clever though too! As too many factors decide ones personal product preferences, we can’t simply force anyone to pick a product just that it is manufactured in our own place. Some factors such as cost, quality, easy availability, etc are really important while choosing a product. All the properties are met in almost all of the Ask Jhansi products except for few packaging issues. But these are just a design issue and could be changed. What we actually need to access is the product and to my knowledge, Ask Jhansi products are worth buying! So do try those and share your views/comments with us.

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