Where to buy cheap Gas stove, Pressure cooker in India?

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker (5.5 litre)

We used aluminium pressure cookers before knowing that it is one of the reasons why minerals/vitamins are not completely absorbed into our body. Later, we learnt that the stainless steel pressure cookers are excellent replacements for such vitamin-killing kitchen utensils!

Trendy turn-top lid – SS Pressure Cooker

So we were constantly searching for stainless steel pressure cooker of various capacities (mainly 3 to 5 litres of capacity). But all those were really costly and could n’t feel like buying one.

  • Finally, We found a shop in Chennai, India – Big Bazaar, where offers are made available during the first quarter of every year. It’s an exchange offer @ big bazaar!

We also bought….kurtas, bags, etc

What else you can buy there?

Blankets & Quilts:

Blankets and quilts are other specialities of Big bazaar where you can get them at reasonable prices. The quality of their products is good enough!


Racks & Trolleys:

Racks & trolleys are essential items in every kitchen. They play a multipurpose role! You can store vegetables, kitchen utensil, cleaning accessories or even grocery items. A wide range of such items are available at Big Bazaar!


Gas Stove:

Gas stove is an inevitable element in any kitchen, especially, Indian kitchens! You can access a wide range of gas stoves here @Big Bazaar and choose what’s right for you!  


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