No Base Veg Pizza Recipe – Easiest ever!

Here is the easiest no base veg pizza recipe. The important step in preparing any pizza is to prepare its base. But now we can enjoy the taste of pizza in every bite without preparing the pizza base.

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Step-by-Step Recipe instructions

No Base Veg Pizza Recipe

The magical ingredient that we use here as the pizza base is the bread. It is readily available in supermarkets, bakeries, even in grocery shops. So you can use it smartly to prepare you no base veg pizza in just few minutes!

Trim the edges of the bread loaves, so that you won’t feel the hardness in your pizza.

Trim the edges

Beat two eggs in a bowl and add some salt.

Beaten eggs & add salt

Dip each bread loaf in the egg and place on a heated tawa.

Make sure to spread some butter before placing the bread on the pan.

Arrange the breads such that you cover the whole tawa or pan with the bread with no gaps in between.

Pan is covered with bread loaves

Cook on medium flame for one or two minutes.


It’s time to flip over using a plate and cook the other side. Carefully place a plate on top of the pan and gently flip upside down.

Bread as pizza base
Flip with a plate

Place the other side of the bread on the pan and cook again.

No base veg pizza recipe with bread
Cook the other side

Spread some pizza sauce on the cooked bread loaves.

Pizza sauce
Pizza sauce

Arrange vegetables of your choice on the top of the cooked bread slices. I used capsicum, onion and tomato. You can use mushrooms, paneer, olives, etc. If you use vegetables that take slightly much time to cook, then it’s better to saute before placing on the pizza.

Vegetable pizza recipe with no base
Vegetables of your choice

Top it with grated cheese and sprinkle dried oregano powder.

cheesy no base pizza recipe
grated cheese

Cover and cook for a minute or two until the cheese melts.

Veg pizza recipe with no base
Cook until cheese melts

Veg Pizza with no base is ready to serve now!

No base veg pizza recipe
Vegetable Pizza with no base

Notes: No Base Veg Pizza Recipe

  1. It is better to trim the edges of bread loaves just to avoid hardness while chewing the pizza.
  2. Sprinkle oregano, as it gives a great Italian flavor for your pizza.
  3. Do not over cook the bread, it may result in loosing softness of the base.
  4. Serve hot when the cheese is still in melted state.
  5. If you plan to use other vegetables that most of us prefer not to eat raw, then saute in prior before topping those on your pizza.

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