South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe | Narasus Filter Coffee

Coffee is almost brewed every morning in all South Indian homes.

South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe – The aroma itself brings in some energy! When it is a Filter coffee, then no words to say!

Here I use Narasus filter coffee and you can go for any of your favorite.

A few Filter Coffee makers are also available in the market that makes our job easy!

Heard about Drip coffee maker? This is another electric coffee maker and is used in South Indian homes!

South Indian Filter coffee recipe |
Narasus filter coffee


Filter coffee powder – 4 tblspn,

Sugar – 1.5 tsp per cup,

Milk – 150 ml per cup

Water – 350ml.


Filter coffee decoction:

– Fill filter coffee powder inside the coffee filter

– Pour hot water in two batches

– Allow it to brew. It takes 20 to 30 minutes

– Meanwhile, boil milk. 

– Add sugar and required filter coffee decoction in a cup 

– Add hot milk and mix

  • South Indian filter coffee is ready!

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