How to clean a new Wet Grinder?

Almost all South Indian kitchens have a wet grinder apart from a mixer grinder. Few decades later, our grannies used a hand operated grinding stone, we call it as “aatu ural” in Tamil. But now, its rare to see such equipment which served to provide some physical exercise too! In this article, I’m gonna explain in detail on how to clean a new wet grinder?

Aatu Ural

Recently, I bought a new table top wet grinder from Bajaj (WX9). It comes with a drum of two liters capacity, a coconut scraper and a spatula to efficiently move the stuck items while grinding.

It’s time to clean the new wet grinder before its first use! Of course, the grinding stone and the stone at the bottom of the drum will have tiny stones or dust particles. It’s very important to clean thoroughly before we use it.

Our cleaning is a 2-step process and here it goes.

Watch the cleaning video:

Initially, just wash the drum and the grinding stone with a dish washing soap. Rinse thoroughly with water. This step removes part of the dusts. Then comes the actual cleaning process.

Step-1: Clean with Oil

Now fix the grinder drum and the stone. Switch on the table top wet grinder. You may hear a little louder noise as you run the empty drum. Now, gradually pour 250 ml of any cooking oil into it. As you pour the oil, the noise reduces and you can cover the grinder with the lid provided. Let it run for at least ten minutes.

After ten minutes, open the lid. You would be surprised to see the color of the oil. Yes, it turns completely to ash color. It means the dusts from the stones are mixed up with the oil. Just discard the oil.

Wash the drum and the grinding stone with soap and rinse thoroughly with water.

Step-2: Clean with rice

Once you had started step-1, just soak 100 gm of rice in water. By now, it would have soaked for at least 15 minutes. Traditional Big Boondi recipe with Coconut Shell, you can read here.

Switch on the wet grinder and add the rice. Also pour some water for a smooth running. Close the grinder with its lid and allow it to run for ten minutes.

After ten minutes, open the lid and scrap the sides with the given scraper. Add some water and allow it run for five more minutes.

After a total of fifteen minutes, the rice turns into a batter. Just discard the batter and wash the drum & stone with soap. The table top wet grinder is thoroughly cleaned with natural ingredients! No harmful chemicals are used in this wet grinder cleaning process.

Cleaning other accessories:

The Bajaj wx9 table top wet grinder comes with accessories such as a coconut scraper, a plate for collecting the scraped coconut and a spatula. You can just wash these with a soap before using. We can also get electric coconut scrapers which are really reasonable.

Important Note:

Once the wet grinder is cleaned, do not keep the drum upside down to dry it. It may damage the drum. Hence, wipe off with a dry cloth and allow it to air dry.

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