Coffee Filters – Manual & Electronic

Coffee lovers are there worldwide and for few the day doesn’t begin without a cup of coffee! Filter coffee is a blend of pure coffee and some chicory of individual’s choice. Let’s know about a variety of coffee filters and hence you can get know which is the best for you!

You can prepare filter coffees with a wide variety of filter coffee filters. Of them, some are manual and some are electronic. Manual coffee filters costs lesser and of course, you need to do heat water and pour over the filter coffee powder that’s put inside.

In Electronic Coffee filters, you need to load the filter coffee powder and required water and it prepares the filter coffee decoction for you in minutes. Some Coffee filters even heat up milk and we often call it as Coffee Makers. Enjoy your breakfast with a sip of coffee and with these Breakfast/Dinner Recipes.

Here is a list of few filter coffee filters that are Manual as well as Electric.

Manual Filter Coffee Filters

1. Filter coffee Paper

crop hiker preparing coffee in carafe on fabric
Filter Coffee paper

Among all, this is the cheap and best solution for filter coffee lovers. This is just a cone-shaped paper that’s easily available. You can simply place this coffee filter paper on a collector to collect the coffee filter decoction.

Add filter coffee powder on the paper and pour hot water over it. Wait for few minutes for the decoction to drip down. How easy is it to prepare a filter coffee decoction? Here is a detailed article on How to use Coffee Filters and What size to choose?

2. French Press

Filter coffee filter hot herbal tea brewing in french press
French Press Coffee Filter

Another manual coffee filter is the French Press. You can easily prepare your coffee decoction just by filling in the coffee powder and pouring hot water.

Then, just give a press. The coffee decoction collects in the upper part where as the coffee powder settles down.

3. South Indian Coffee Filter

South Indian Coffee Filter stainless steel
South Indian Coffee Filter

This is such a common thing that you find in many South Indian kitchens. Their mornings start with this stainless steel coffee filters.

You need to fill in the coffee powder in the top container and then you place the filter over. Now pour water over the filter. The decoction slowly collects in the bottom container. So, you can enjoy the South Indian filter coffee as simple as this! Here is the complete ingredients & correct measures of South Indian Madras Filter Coffee.

4. Stove-Top Espresso Coffee Filters

Stove-Top Coffee Filter

This is an easy-to-use and effective Espresso coffee filter and you don’t even need to pour hot water. All you have to do is just fill in coffee powder and pour normal water.

Then close it and you can directly place it on stove. The water heats up and slowly the decoction collects at the bottom container. You are done preparing the coffee decoction! Get to know about Vacuum Pot Coffee Brewing Guide here.

Electric Coffee Filters

5. that heats water by itself

Electric Coffee Filter heats water by itself

This electronic coffee filter is affordable and does its job neat. So what’s your job here to get a fine coffee decoction?

Just fill in the coffee powder, and pour required water on the top. Once you switch it on, the water heats up and the decoction collects inside the jar.

6. Electric Coffee Filter that even Heats Milk

Coffee Filter that heats Milk too

It is a all-in-one Coffee Filter or we often call it as Coffee Maker. Apart from preparing the coffee decoction, you can heat milk by using the side steam nozzle.

Take the milk in a cup and dip the nozzle inside the cup of milk. Switch it on and heat up the milk with steam. Brew your own filter coffee and enjoy!

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