Pigeon Handy Chopper – Useful or Not? Vegetable Chopper

A vegetable chopper in our kitchen obviously saves a lot time. When we chop hard vegetables like carrots, beetroots, etc we can considerable make quick chopping. We all know that an Electric vegetable chopper is far better in its uses. But can we get the nearly same results while using a Handy vegetable chopper?

Electric vegetable choppers are quite costlier and considering their uses, we can get one. But when you are really keen on the price, then it’s better to use a handy vegetable chopper like this. Interested in our How to clean a new wet grinder? article.

Plus & Minus | Do’s & Don’ts

It comes in 3 different sizes – Mini, Large & XL

Prepare Yummy Garlic Bread Toast, Fried Rice, Chilly Chicken, Manchurian, Honey Chilly Potato in lesser time!

Pigeon Tornado Turbo Manual Chopper used for Chopping, Atta Kneader, Slicing, Shredding, and whipping. It’s Bowl capacity is 1.5 Litre.

Vegetable chopper – What it Includes?

It has 6 sharp blades (detachable) & an egg beater.

XL jar is double the size of the Mini jar.

Let’s check how to chop vegetables using this Pigeon handy chopper XL now!

Maximum capacity for each vegetable is also shown.

I have used the Pigeon Handy Chopper Mini almost 3 years without any issues. Even then, it’s blades are sharp!

For any cuisine except for few, onions are inevitable ones. Be it gravies or snacks, we can chop onions finer using this Pigeon Handy Chopper. Again the maximum capacity for an XL vegetable chopper is 3. When you use a Mini or a large chopper, you need to adjust the input accordingly.

For XL chopper, maximum 3 big onions.

There is a small central projection at the bottom, where you can fix the blade. So it rests firm.

You shouldn’t drop vegetables to the fullest capacity of this Pigeon chopper. It makes the string tight to pull.

So just fill it to three-fourth of it! So you can easily chop without any issues.

Once filled, just lock the lid properly.

Pull out the strink with the help of the knob. It’s easy than you think! Just a few pulls gives you chopped vegetables. If you need still finer, then pull a few more times.

There is a gripper at the bottom of the jar, to keep it in place while pulling.

Let’s Chop other veggies…

We are done with onions! Let’s start move on to Tomatoes. The maximum capacity here is 250g. You cannot drop tomatoes as a whole. As we did for onions, cut roughly and then drop.

Remember not to overload as it results in poor performance!

Don’t worry even when you cannot pull the string. Just take out some vegetables and carry on!

If overloaded (tight to pull), take out some vegetables)

What next? tomatoes are done! It really takes a messy cutting board and of course a considerable amount of time to chop finer!

Most widely used veggies

We are chopping the most widely used vegetables in every cuisine especially, the Indian Cuisine. So the next would be green chillies.

Though green chillies are sleek, you cannot drop them as a whole without cutting. It might struck!

So cut into two just with your hands. You are done! This is to reduce the length for an easier chopping.

So fine that can be added to egg omelette, Curry, Non-veg or veg gravy, snacks, etc.

Finely chopped

Garlic – You can add almost 250g of it without cutting as its smaller in size.

Just image, how much time it would take to chop 250g of garlic for chines recipe such as Fried rice, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Manchurian, and Honey Chilly Potato? But using this chopper we can chop garlic in just few minutes.

Perfect for Chinese Recipes!
Very finely chopped Garlic

Beet root and carrots are really harder to cut. But this chopper with sharp blades, chops them fine.

As with other vegetables, peel the carrots and cut them into cubes.

These are perfect for Fried rice, Manchurian recipes. South Indian Carrot poriyal (Stir Fry) is another easiest dish you can make with these finely chopped carrots.

Let’s check with beetroot. It cuts a maximum of 150g beetroot at a time.

Beet root is really harder to cut even with a knife

Fill a little lesser than usual for harder vegetables such as beetroot and carrot.

A little lesser than 3/4th of its capacity.

As it’s so fine, it can be cooked really faster! Indeed, no pressure cooking is required.

Food Chopper: An ultimate guide is a must read for beginners who are planning to buy a vegetable chopper.

Masala Omelette Recipe


Egg – 1

Onion – 1/2

Tomato – 1/2

Green Chilli – 1/2

Coriander Leaves

Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Cumin powder – 1/4 tsp


Add all the above vegetable ingredients into the Pigeon Handy Chopper XL and chop.

Now ,take out the blade and place the egg beater.

Break one egg and drop into it. You can add a maximum of 3 eggs.

Now, add the spice powders and salt.

Toast in Dosa tawa. Masala Omelette is ready!

Chop Vegetables and fruits in just few minutes using this Pigeon Handy Chopper XL.

Chop vegetables in few minutes. All the above are chopped in one batch each using Pigeon Handy Chopper XL

Just give it a try and share your comments! The full video is available on our YouTube channel “Let’s Cook Like Experts”

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