Roti Maker எப்படி இருக்கு | Useful or Not?

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Roti Maker, Poori Press, Chapati Press, Puri Maker, Chapati maker, etc are a few we call it and I got one such! Is it truly useful? Let’s check, how does it help in making soft rotis and let’s verify whether its useful or not. This video includes all the steps and tricks right from kneading the dough, how the dough consistency should look like, how should you use the roti maker to get really flat, even & round rotis. What else? It also includes the Plus and Minus of the Roti maker machine.

Here is the ROTI MAKER USEFUL OR NOT? video link in which I have included how to knead dough for the roti to be softer. Often, roti turn to be harder when we prepare them with such machines. So better follow the instructions that I have clearly shown in the video.

I have included the shop addressed contact details from where I bought the Roti maker, at the end of the video.

Step-by-Step Instructions to use Roti Maker


Super soft dough that holds the shape when pressed with a finger works well with a roti maker. Before reading the dough, it is important to add oil along with salt to make the dough to be smoother. You can also get to know how to knead a perfect roti dough i.e., quantity of water, kneading technique, etc in the video.

Dough Kneading technique to get super soft roti


When I first used the machine, I just pressed a dough in between its flat surfaces with a little oil. Though the roti was round, flat and even, I couldn’t take it our perfectly out of the roti maker. So, I found a trick to get the flattened roti very easily out of the maker. Yes, I used an Ashirvad Atta one kilogram pack cover to shape up the roti. You can watch the trick in the recipe video.


It’s super easy to get flat, round and even roti/chapatti with this roti maker and here is how you can do it!

Roti Maker Roti Press Poori Press

It is a three step pressing, one on center, one on the left and one on the right! That’s it, you are done with more circler chapatti!

Roti Maker Roti Press Poori Press
Flat, Round and Even Roti Ready in just few seconds!


As you know, we are just one step left with to enjoy our super soft roti make with the simplest ever roti maker! Just heat an iron taw or any non-stick tawa and cook both sides of the roti. DO not over cook as it absorbs the moisture from the chapatti/roti and makes it little crispy or harder.

Roti being cooked on an Iron Tawa

Super Soft Rotis are ready to be served! You can serve it with a Restaurant Style Dal Tadka Recipe, if you like to have some veg!

Dal Tadka Recipe

Or try the Authentic Mangalore Chicken Curry Recipe, if you like to have some Non-Veg!

Authentic Mangalore Chicken Curry / மங்களூர் சிக்கன் கறி

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