Dosa / Idly Recipes

Dosas and Idlys are favourite South Indian recipes and they are available throughout the world! Here comes few dosa / idly recipes which are simple.

I have also included recipes for travellers, so that they can make it without exclusive pots to prepare those dosa / idly recipes.

Batter Preparation – With Mixer or Wet Grinder?

The only important point in making these recipes is to prepare the idly or dosa batter. When you prepare the batter properly, the rest of the process is easy! Here, I have shared few tips to prepare the batter even with a mixer.

But usually South Indians prepare idly or dosa batter using a wet grinder. The main reason is that the batter heats up quickly while you use a mixer jar. If you would like to know about Table top grinder, you can check here.

Same Batter for Idly & Dosa?

This is a common question that most people ask. The answer to this is, Yes! You can use the same batter for making dosa as well as idli. But the consistency needs adjustment.

Idly needs a thick consistency batter whereas dosas need a little running consistency batter. But we cannot prepare dosas with much flowy batter as of Aapam batter.

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