Sweet / Dessert Recipes

People of all age group like Sweet / Dessert recipes! We, Indians prepare a sweet for every occasion. For example, we prepare ladoo, Jangri or Gulab Jamun for Diwali, Kozhukattai (Modak) for Vinayaga Chathurthi, Cakes for Christmas and Rice Kheer for Eid. You can even bake cakes without a oven by just using an Idly pot or so. Try our Black Currant Cake with Idly Pot recipe to avoid baking with no oven!

Can Sweets or Desserts be Healthy?

Not all sweets spoil your health! You can also prepare Heathy ladoo loaded with Iron and other nutrients. Our Whole Wheat Dates cake is a wonderful treat for caker lovers! You can eat your favorite desserts without the guilt of spoiling your health.

Traditional Sweets

In South India, especially, Chettinad is famous for preparing some traditional sweets. In every part of India, people prepare exotic desserts and we never feel like saying ‘No’ to those sweet / dessert recipes! Chettinad Paal Paniyaram recipe and Chettinad Sweet Paniyaram recipe are two of my favorites from traditional Indian sweets. Paniyaram is prepared with a batter whose main ingredient is rice. Other ingredients such as coconut, jaggery, cardamom, etc take the dessert to its next level!

Creamy Sweet / Dessert Recipes

A few beverages as well as smoothies that we make as part of globalization are becoming routine in Indian’s lifestyle! It’s nothing wrong in picking the good from other cuisines. Some of them are creamy and tempt everyone to taste it! Fruit custard recipe is easier and we can make it with whatever fruits we have at our home (but not citric as we add milk). Milk may curdle as we add citrus fruits while preparing fruit custard. Layered Mousse recipe is becoming a favorite dessert among kids of all countries and Indian kids are not exceptional.

Smoothies as part of Sweet / Dessert Recipes

Smoothie recipes give a good start for the day and we can prepare it in no time. All we need is a fruit of your choice and some milk. If you like to add some sweetness, you can add jaggery, honey or even any sweet! You can even sip smoothies as a mid-day snack when your breakfast is not nutrient-rich. Most of our Sweet / Dessert recipes are prepared with healthy ingredients and even if not, you always have a replacement!

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