Chocolate Pongal Recipe

Adsense code place between With the goodness of jaggery and cocoa powder, I'm excited to taste the traditional pongal with a little twist! It worked well! The taste was amazing and my kids loved it! Who would say no to chocolates and its flavor in any of the dish? Just give it a try and … Continue reading Chocolate Pongal Recipe

Homemade Ghee and Butter Recipe

Homemade Ghee & Homemade Butter Prepared from A2 cow milk. Includes Step-by-step instructions to prepare Homemade Ghee & Butter from Malai of A2 Cow Milk. 500 grams Malai (collected from milk & can be stored in freezer over a period of time.)1 tsp Curd1 litre cold water Collect Malai from milk over a period of … Continue reading Homemade Ghee and Butter Recipe

Caramel Bread Pudding & Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding Recipes Both these are easy to make sweet puddings and kids favorite too! We make sweets or desserts once in a while. But during this lockdown with no option to buy from shops, it is better to prepare at home. Also, we ensure that it's prepared hygienically and with all healthy ingredients. For … Continue reading Caramel Bread Pudding & Chocolate Bread Pudding

Birthday Cakes with a Theme!

Every occasional is special but birthdays can be made so special with surprises! One such good surprise can be cakes, as most of us love to eat Creamy Cakes! A cake with a theme, for eg, football cake, barbie cake, colourful fondant Cake, mesmerising Rainbow cake, etc is worth spending on the birthdays of your … Continue reading Birthday Cakes with a Theme!