Smoothie Recipes / Beverages

Smoothie recipes are easy to prepare and are full of nutrients! The good part of it is you can keep the ingredients ready the previous night and just blend all of them in the next morning. So your yummy and healthy smoothie breakfast is ready to sip on the go! Why to skip your breakfast when there is a time saving recipe solution?

Avacado Smoothie Recipe

When you have a half avacado and a cup of milk, your nutritious on the go breakfast is ready! But be sure to pick a ripe avacado for a better taste. This fruit is full of good fat and people even call it as butter fruit.

Apple Banana Smoothie

Half an apple and half a banana and a few mint leaves can do wonders when you sip after blending all of them. You can add some honey, if you like have extra sweet. But the banana we add is more than enough for that sweet. Smoothie recipes are a must try even when you are in a busy schedule. You can also try our Sweet / Dessert recipes during your weekends.

Chocolate – Smoothie Recipes

Fruits are always boring for kids and when we feed them in the morning, they may hesitate to drink. Though they are healthy, we need to bend as our kid’s wish. So you can try this chocolate smoothie recipe for not skipping any more breakfast. A cup of milk and a scoop of hot chocolate powder is enough to prepare this Hot Chocolate recipe. You can even enjoy it chilled. If you like to have Healthy Hot Chocolate recipe, then here you go! You can prepare it with cashew nuts and with a great taste!

Dates Banana Smoothie

The fresh start for a day and to give energy for the entire day, here is the Dates Banana Smoothie recipe. Few dates and even a half banana is enough to prepare this smoothie. Why not try this recipe and its a good one for anaemic persons.

Almond Banana Smoothie Recipes

Banana is a great food for any time of the day. When you have it for your breakfast, its a good choice to keep you energetic through out your day. Also, banana is easily available in all countries, especially, in India. The more local and seasonal fruits you use, the more benefits you get! It’s no surprise that you get banana all through the year. So keep blending this fruit in ll your smoothie recipes.

Dry Fruits Smoothie

Dry fruit are one of the excellent sources of vitamins and minerals where ever you are. It’s difficult to buy or carry fruits when you are out for an office trip or so. But the simple thing you can do is to carry a few dry fruits with you. So you can blend your combination of dry fruits with some milk to sip your morning dry fruits smoothie.


When the rainy season is around, you must try this Beverage recipe – Ingi Tea. ‘Ingi’ in Tamil means ‘Ginger’, so all you need is an inch of ginger apart from other ingredients for tea.