Useful Iron utensil for everyday cooking

Iron is a metal which not only symbolizes strength but it can also give us strength to live a disease-free life! We, as a part of modern living, started to use aluminium, non-stick, plastic utensil which do harm us directly or indirectly. Why not we pick the right utensil for our day-to-day cooking, so that we live a much healthier life?

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Come on, let’s together make a change to bring a real change in our society!

This a beginner’s guide to start cooking with iron utensil that are basic for any kitchen. If you have already started using iron vessels, then I must say that you have already started a healthy lifestyle!

List of Top Ten Iron utensil for an Indian kitchens

1. Iron Dosa pan

Dosa is one of the common foods of South Indian kitchens and we can prepare a variety of dosas such with rice flour, ragi, wheat, rava dosa, onion dosa, etc. A single dosa pan can help you prepare breakfast and dinner for your entire family almost every day! so do invest such an useful iron dosa pan as it gives you paper-roast dosa with the goodness of iron. Buy dosa tawa or dosa pan here.

Dosa tawa buying guide:

– Choose a size which suits your need.

If you want Crispy dosas, get an iron dosa tawa

Dosa tawa of larger sizes (12 inches in diameter) require bigger burner to spread out heat uniformly. If you use a gas stove with smaller flame, go for a smaller size dosa pan.

– Weight of dosa tawa

Generally, more the weight of the dosa tawa is the more non-sticky the dosas are! So, don’t go for a light weight ones as they may result in burnt & stuck dosas.

Big size dosa tawa

– Pre- seasoned dosa tawa

If you are new kid on the block to seasoning iron utensil, better go for pre-seasoned dosa pans. It may cost you a litter more, but it saves a lot of your time and energy. If you are a beginner, you can watch the complete Iron utensil step-by-step seasoning guide here.

2. Iron kadai of various sizes

Iron kadai or iron pan (as it’s popularly called) is a must in South Indian kitchens. It serves a lot of purpose in Indian kitchens, such as tempering, sautéing, deep frying, side dish (subzi) preparations, etc.

Buy 10 inch Iron kadai here.

Buy 14 inch Iron kadai here.

Iron pan

The choice of its sizes depends mainly on the quantity you cook with the iron pan. A small of family of 4 to 6 members can go for a pan of 8 inches in diameter whereas a larger family of 8 to 10 members can get an iron kadai of size 12 inches or bigger. Cast iron kadai is an excellent choice when it comes to health benefits but it weighs more than an iron kadai. If you wish to know more about Cast iron utensil, watch here.

3. Iron Ape pan (paniyaram maker)

Paniyaram or ape is a traditional south Indian food, that can be prepared as sweetish or saltish with spices! The crispy outer layer with a spongy inner makes it an amazing breakfast.

Buy pre-seasoned Paniyaram or Ape pan here.

Ape pan

Paniyaram maker is a circular(or square-shaped sometimes) pan with semi-spherical structures of various sizes & counts. A typical ape pan has 8 to 12 such holes that can make paniyarams of lemon size each.

Again, it’s very difficult to season an iron ape pan. You can better go for a pre-seasoned paniyaram pan made of iron or watch here to know How to season a paniyaram pan.

4. Iron Roti press

It is my favourite as it helps in making rotis, puris, phulkas, chapattis, boli or poli, etc very quickly and without leaving a mess. Many complain that rotis made with Roti maker are not soft and are thick than the ones prepared with a roller. This is absolutely wrong as simple tricks when used can result in super soft rotis! If you are interested in making soft rotis with Roti maker, just watch here that guides you right from dough preparation.

Iron Roti press with stainless steel inner surface

Buy Iron Roti press here.

5. Iron Aapam kadai

It is just an iron kadai with either shallow or deeper bottom. It’s bottom is usually thicker to avoid sticking or catching at the bottom. Few people prefer shallow aapams and others prefer deeper circular aapams. Iron aapam pans always make crispy outer & soft cantered aapams.

Buy pre-seasoned cast iron Aapam pan here.

6. Iron Sauté pan or Tadka pan(for omelettes & tempering)

It is a small sized iron pan that usually comes with a long handle for easier lifting. It’s comparatively lesser in weight as it’s smaller in size. It’s saves our time and heat energy as well. The all-round fluffy omelettes made with iron sauté pan are worthy tasting!

Buy pre-seasoned iron Tadka pan here

Sauté pan to make karandi omelette

7. Light weight Iron pan (for Chinese foods)

Almost all Chinese food serving restaurants would have these light weight iron pans, also called as Chinese wok. It comes with a long handle to toss fried rice, noodles or other Chinese food varieties.

Buy Chinese wok or Kadai here.

Stir fry with a Chinese wok

You must be careful while using such pans at home as they easily catch at the bottom. These are best suited for hotels and if you intend to use it at your home, then use it on a low to medium flame.

8. Grill pan (for Tandoor foods)

Such grill pans are innovation done in the modern iron utensil. They are heavy to lift, comes with grills on it and can be see just as a pan. Iron grill pans avoids catching at the bottom and you can prepare smoky grill chicken or grilled vegetables just at home!

Buy Grill pan here

Make smoky grilled food at home

9. Dutch oven (as hot packs)

Dutch ovens are rarely used utensil in Indian kitchens yet they have much more usability than you think! Of course, iron Dutch ovens are heavy to lift but they retain the hotness & freshness of food for a longer time. It is for this reason they are used as hot packs too!

Buy cast iron Dutch oven here.

Heavy Dutch ovens made from Iron

As with other bulky iron utensil, Dutch ovens consume more fuel (LPG) while cooking. But when you compromise on such things, the more healthier & tastier your food is!

10. Flat Jalebi pan (for shallow frying)

When I first bought flat jalebi pan, I had no idea of using it for my day-to-day cooking. Later, it turned to be an essential item in my kitchen with its uses ranging from shallow frying, toasting fish, chicken, vegetables, etc. You can also stir fry vegetables, if you intend to use lesser oil in your food. Pav bhaji is another exotic food that I used to make with this flat jalebi kadai. You can watch here to know How I made Pav Bhaji easily?.

Flat base, induction cook top friendly

Buy Flat Jalebi pan here.

It’s light weight yet rarely catches at the bottom. The flat base sits perfectly on induction cook top as well. Never miss out such an useful product in your kitchen! If you are still confused of its uses, just watch here to know How am I using it?

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