Cup Cake Ideas with Colorful Toppings You MUST try!

christmas cupcakes sprinkled with colourful sugar decorations cup cake ideas

One of the Kids’ favourite sweets are Cup cakes. Unlike cakes, they are less creamy and you can even pack as snacks for your children. Generating Cup Cake ideas can help gain your kids love abundantly 🙂

Toppings for Cup Cake Ideas

These ideas are helpful for you, if you are planning for a birthday party. The best part is you can top with butter cream or fresh cream.

Also, you can sprinkle Chocolate chips or colorful sprinkles. You can even squeeze a tablespoon of condensed milk, if you do not have any other toppings handy. Here is Christmas Tree with Cup Cakes. You can try different shapes with your creativity and amaze your loved ones! Mix Coffee powder while you prepare the cupcake dough and the yummy Coffee Cup cakes are ready!

Rainbow Cup cakes

Another attractive yet tasty cup cake ideas are the ones decorated with rainbow colours. Mix cream with colors of your choice and fill in the nozzle. Now, top your yummy Cup cakes with and are ready to serve!

cup cake ideas rainbow cup cake

Start squeezing from the edge towards the centre for a better look. By this way, you give twist at its centre. Any how, it’s up you swirl around either from the centre of towards the centre.

Popsicles – another party idea!

If you plan to delight your kids with something other than Cup cakes, then popsicles are great choices. Here is How you can make Cake Popsicles or Cake Pops. These are so easy to make and tasty to delight your kids. You can try Unicorn Popsicles, or any cake pops of your choice as per your creativity!

Top with few sprinkles or chocolate chips as you wish! Or else, you can even Make your own Sprinkles with less effort. So, what are you waiting for? Just try out Cup Cakes, Cake pops or rainbow cake popsicle today and do share your comments with us! If you need more such recipes, do let us know.

Cup cake ideas rainbow popsicles

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