Roti Recipes / Chapathi / Naan / Paratha Recipes

The all time favourits for any Indian meal are Roti recipes, Chapathi, Naan and Parathas. You can have it with any Gravy (subzi), be it vegeterian or non- vegeterian! Yes, from Butter panner masala to Chicken curry, all Indian love to enjoy every bite of these ever green foods.

Frozen Roti / Readymade Roti

One of our interesting yet useful recipes for working moms and batchelors is the Frozen Roti Recipe. You can prepare the rotis in advance and freeze. So you can just toast the rotis for a minute or two and can enjoy your meal after a long work-day!


Middle Eastern Wraps with Mayonnaise and veggies add taste as well as energy to your kid’s meals every day! Healthy Falafel Recipe made out of Channa dal is loaded with proteins and you have them baked, if on diet.

Rice Flour Roti

Have you ever heard of Rice Roti? We make it in South India, and we call it as Nel Roti (“Nel” in Tamil means Rice with the husk). It tastes good when you eat with Chutney recipes or Curries.

You can also prepare rice rotis with Red rice which is a more healthier option. Here is a Red Rice Recipe (Pongal with Red rice), which is a traditional recipe.

Roti Maker – to prepare a quick meal!

Yet another trick to make Roti / Chapathi / Naan / Paratha recipes or even Pooris is to use a Roti Maker, especially, when you prepare in large quantities. So next time when you host a party at your home, do try the Roti maker which is really useful! I have also shared step-by-step instructions on How to use a Roti Maker? as well. If you are a beginner, do watch it.

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