Healthy cooking – Why?

I come from a family where junk foods are almost not cooked! But we do eat fried foods such as poori, samosa, bajji, etc occasionally. My mom prepares such stuffs for the breakfast so that after hours of working they get digested easily! Snacks such as bajjis, vada, etc are usually consumed in the evenings and yes, they are little harder to digest unless we walk more.

Restrictions on food?

Nevertheless my mom kept any restrictions on the quantity of such oily food for us but she does it for the other elderly people in our family. Is this control over the quantity of food really needed for kids as well? I never felt over eaten or weighed above average though I have eaten a lot in my childhood days. The main reason was

We had eaten a lot and played a lot!

Playing, what I mean is the real playing and not the fake ones that today’s generation does with mobile phones or other electronic devices.

What is real playing?

I sometimes wonder, why I don’t have the same energy that I had in my childhood days? I had walked without knowing the metres that I crossed. Yet I never felt like taking a break from school. Nowadays, I used to console myself as age is one such factor that determines my energy level.

A 90-year old woman…

Recently, I watched a video clip of a 90-year old woman who trains even youngsters in her gym. I was amazed on looking at the enthusiasm and energy that she had! If age decides our health and other physical activities, then how come the 90-year old lady can do such a job that even few stronger men are struggling for fitness?

Ever since, I started thinking of health and how few gain it whereas most people loses it day-by-day! If you are in a similar journey, in search of health, then come let’s join hands!

Let’s cook like experts to feed us and the future generations with just what is required and not with any more fancy stuffs!

Catch you with healthy food and recipes soon!

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