South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe | Narasus Filter Coffee

Coffee is almost brewed every morning in all South Indian homes. The aroma itself brings in some energy! When it is a Filter coffee, then no words to say! Here I use Narasus filter coffee and you can go for any of your favorite.

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

5 Easy Dinner Ideas for Busy People Who Want to Eat Healthy

It can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals during the week. Between work, school, and social obligations, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals. But not everyone has the luxury of prepping their meals for the week. Here are 5 easy dinner recipes that busy people must try to save time!

Food That Affects Your Daily Routine: You Need To Know!

Each one of us has a daily routine that helps us transition from one day to the next. Whether you’re a morning person or an evening owl, your schedule is probably pretty similar to others. You get up, have your morning coffee, and go about your day. However, sometimes, it can feel like the world … Continue reading Food That Affects Your Daily Routine: You Need To Know!

Immunity Boosting food

A person acquires immunity by too many factors and the one main reason behind is THE FOOD! We cannot ignore the concept of “healthy cooking & happy living” as it is the need of the hour. To start our Immunity Boosting Recipe series, we have mutton bone soup for non-vegetarians and the equally good Dal … Continue reading Immunity Boosting food

Useful Iron utensil for everyday cooking

Iron utensil have lesser wear & tear but it require a little more maintenance! Iron is a metal which not only symbolizes strength but it can also give us strength to live a disease-free life! We, as a part of modern living, started to use aluminium, non-stick, plastic utensil which do harm us directly or … Continue reading Useful Iron utensil for everyday cooking

Quick sauted Chicken Recipe

Chicken is one of the favorite non vegeterian foods all over the world. Also, people of all age love chicken recipes. Here is a delicious Sauted chicken recipe that goes well with rice as well as roti, phulka, chapati, parotta or whatever you name it. By the way, I have an interesting idea to Prepare … Continue reading Quick sauted Chicken Recipe

Pigeon Handy Chopper – Useful or Not? Vegetable Chopper

A vegetable chopper in our kitchen obviously saves a lot time. When we chop hard vegetables like carrots, beetroots, etc we can considerable make quick chopping.