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South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe | Narasus Filter Coffee

Coffee is almost brewed every morning in all South Indian homes. The aroma itself brings in some energy! When it is a Filter coffee, then no words to say! Here I use Narasus filter coffee and you can go for any of your favorite.

Indian Kitchen Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out?

Hence, the ever-evolving nature of Indian cuisine. In this blog, we give you insights into some of the Indian kitchen design trends that you can expect in the next few years. We will show you what’s new in the Indian kitchen and what’s better to try out.

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5 Easy Dinner Ideas for Busy People Who Want to Eat Healthy

It can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals during the week. Between work, school, and social obligations, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals. But not everyone has the luxury of prepping their meals for the week. Here are 5 easy dinner recipes that busy people must try to save time!

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7 Best Dishes to Make for Tamil New Year!

Yummy Dessert - Sakarai Pongal! It’s that time of the year again, New Year! Whether you’re a Tamil or a non-Tamil, everyone wants to eat something new on this new year. There’s something about the new year that makes people want to try out different cuisines. The new year is also a great time to … Continue reading 7 Best Dishes to Make for Tamil New Year!

Food That Affects Your Daily Routine: You Need To Know!

Each one of us has a daily routine that helps us transition from one day to the next. Whether you’re a morning person or an evening owl, your schedule is probably pretty similar to others. You get up, have your morning coffee, and go about your day. However, sometimes, it can feel like the world … Continue reading Food That Affects Your Daily Routine: You Need To Know!

Mochai in Chicken Curry – Traditional South Indian

Mochai in Chicken Curry Field Bean or Mochai in Chicken Curry tastes delicious when you soak the beans overnight and peel. I know, it's a time consuming process but once you try, you'll find it easier. Also, you tend to make this recipe often! Try this Quick Sauted Chicken, if you are running out of … Continue reading Mochai in Chicken Curry – Traditional South Indian

Cup Cake Ideas with Colorful Toppings You MUST try!

One of the Kids' favourite sweets are Cup cakes. Unlike cakes, they are less creamy and you can even pack as snacks for your children. Generating Cup Cake ideas can help gain your kids love abundantly 🙂 Toppings for Cup Cake Ideas These ideas are helpful for you, if you are planning for a birthday … Continue reading Cup Cake Ideas with Colorful Toppings You MUST try!

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Coffee Filters – Manual & Electronic

Coffee lovers are there worldwide and for few the day doesn't begin without a cup of coffee! Filter coffee is a blend of pure coffee and some chicory of individual's choice. Let's know about a variety of coffee filters and hence you can get know which is the best for you! You can prepare filter … Continue reading Coffee Filters – Manual & Electronic

Schools online, No tiffin box but Banana box!

With classes started, children tend to take biscuits and snacks for their breakfast. Here is an interesting yet simple recipe made with red banana, that's really delicious! The easiest part is, you can prepare the batter and store it in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. So just make your yummy breakfast everyday with in … Continue reading Schools online, No tiffin box but Banana box!

How to clean a new Wet Grinder?

Almost all South Indian kitchens have a wet grinder apart from a mixer grinder. Few decades later, our grannies used a hand operated grinding stone, we call it as "aatu ural" in Tamil. But now, its rare to see such equipment which served to provide some physical exercise too! In this article, I'm gonna explain … Continue reading How to clean a new Wet Grinder?

Traditional Pongal recipe with Red Rice

Traditional Red Rice Pongal Mapillai Samba rice is known for various benefits such as diabetic-friendly diet-friendly, gluten-free, etc.Let’s make a healthy traditional Pongal recipe with this red rice. 1 cup Mapillai samba rice (red rice)1/2 cup Moong dal1 tbsp salt2 tsp Ghee1/2 tsp Jeera1/2 tsp Black pepper Few Curry leaves 1 inch Ginger2 no Green … Continue reading Traditional Pongal recipe with Red Rice

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இடியாப்பம் உரல் வேண்டாம் | String Hoppers Recipe without Idiyappam Maker | No Idiyappam maker

Prepare idiyappam no idiyappam maker. The so called book puttu, or string hoppers can be easily prepared with out idiyappam maker.

Kozhukattai or Modak with Roti Maker | Step-By-Step Instructions with pictures

Super Soft Kozhukattai with Roti Maker! Easy to prepare Vinayagar Chathurti Kolukattai at home!

Birthday Cakes with a Theme!

Every occasional is special but birthdays can be made so special with surprises! One such good surprise can be cakes, as most of us love to eat Creamy Cakes! A cake with a theme, for eg, football cake, barbie cake, colourful fondant Cake, mesmerising Rainbow cake, etc is worth spending on the birthdays of your … Continue reading Birthday Cakes with a Theme!

No Base Veg Pizza Recipe – Easiest ever!

Here is the easiest no base veg pizza recipe. The important step in preparing any pizza is to prepare its base. But now we can enjoy the taste of pizza in every bite without preparing the pizza base.