Breakfast Recipes / Dinner Recipes

Start your day with a healthy breakfast everyday! Eating a wholesome breakfast is a good option but this doesn’t work often. So let’s have cheat days to stay away from cravings. Also, nothing can beat the the goodness of home cooked food. So let’s look at few breakfast recipes and also dinner recipes to start & wind up your day respectively.

Home Cooked is Better!

Here are some dinner recipes that are easy to cook after a long day work. Of course, a few of them in the recipes list need extra time to prepare. So you can try them in the weekends or whenever you get some free time.

With the easy availability of home delivered food, we tend to eat a lot of junk foods as well as fast foods. Just think of the money you spend in such quick orders! Not only that we spend but we regret later by paying for the pharmacy. Plan your day ahead and lead your life with no worries!

Here is the list of few Products that I use! I have also given the respective product links for your easier access.

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I started Let’s Cook Up just to share what I cook in my kitchen. Later, with an interest to explore various cuisine, I tried cooking different varieties of food. To be honest, not all of them turned out to taste good. That happens to everyone. If you are one such whose food trials turned out to be flops at times do let me know in comments 🙂

Breakfast recipes and dinner recipes list is here below. Healthy cooking, Happy living!