Chutney Recipes

Fresh and healthy chutney recipes to start your day loaded with vitamins, minerals & fibre! Colorful vegetables when added to your diet improves organ’s health. Each vegetable is unique in taste as well as in its nutrient value, so let us make chutnies with a combination of nutrients.

Coconut is a great source of fibre as well as other nutrients. Start your day with a healthy coconut chutney made of fresh coconut and protein packed roasted dal!

Mint gives freshness and its a great source to relax and get out of stress. So you can try this for dinner after a long work day!

Tomatoes are anti-inflammatory in property and use them in your cooking everyday! The Chutney recipes that I have recommended here are one of its best for Idly, dosa, Uthappam, and Aapam.

Groundnut is a source of iron and protein. so try to use them in your diet as much as possible. You can also replace groundnut with peanut, and it tastes equally good!

Recipes of different chutney with what we have in our Indian kitchens! So do try one-by-one and enjoy your breakfast or dinner!

Here is a list of Breakfast recipes and Dinner recipes that go well with these Chutney recipes. Do try them out!

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