Vazhaipoo Cleaning – 2 Recipes with Plantian Flower

Vazhaipoo or Plantain flower or Banana Blossom! Whatever the name may be, it’s loaded with lots of nutrients & vitamins. Most people never buy it as it’s difficult to clean. Here, I have shown a few simple steps for vazhaipoo cleaning. Also, We are going to prepare few recipes with the vazhaipoo!

Vazhaipoo Cleaning Method

Most people think that it’s difficult to clean vazhaipoo. Yes it was, until I got to know the correct traditional method of cleaning banana flowers. Believe me, it’s really easy and with practice you can do it faster!

#1 Vazhaipoo Poriyal Recipe

Poriyal in Tamil means Stir fry. As the name suggests, you can prepare yummy stir fry with these plaintain flowers. Banana flowers are rich sources of nutrients, and you can consume it stir fried to get the most out of it. You can prepare yet another crispy recipe with these flowers, Vazhaipoo Kola Urundai.

#2 Vazhaipoo Kootu (curry)

It’s a simple yet protein-rich recipe and we can prepare it with plantain flowers and moong dal. You can prepare is easily and it tastes yummy!

#3 Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe

Vadai in Tamil is a deep fried recipe and we usually prepare it with dal. Banana flowers taste great when prepared as a vadai. The better you know the plantain flower cleaning method, the better you can make a variety of recipes out of it! Yet another exotic recipe with plantain flowers is Vazhaipoo Podimas recipe.

Vazhaipoo Vadai

It’s a crispy snack which is popular in South India. We chop the plaintain flowers and mix them with dal, spices, etc to prepare crunchy vadas. It’s a deep fried recipe, so consume it once in a while for its nutritional values. If you are interested in our Traditional Red Rice Pongal recipe, here it is.

Here is a Recipe Card which gives a gist of Vazhaipoo recipes and it’s cleaning process. For a detailed understanding, please go through the videos linked above.

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