Benefits of Cold Pressed Almond Oil – Head to Toe!

Almonds are often referred to as the ‘King of nuts’, the name owing to all of its properties that are forever helpful to our health and well being. In this article, let’s look at the key benefits of cold pressed almond oil.

benefits of cold pressed almond oil
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A fun fact about almonds is that about half of the weight of a dried almond can be converted into oil. Almond oil is just as beneficial as the nuts itself, if not more. 

Here are the various benefits of almond oil as per research:

Almond Oil is Excellent for hair health: 

Almond oil is known to have emollient properties which means it helps prevent water loss. This means that almond oil works wonders in helping retain moisture, which aids in avoiding hair problems like dandruff and build up in the scalp. Besides, it also helps strengthen hair strength because of the presence of Vitamin B-7 and makes hair shiny, soft as well as healthy. 

Good for skin:

Because of its moisture retaining properties, almond oil has also become a very popular step in various skin care routines. It helps keep the skin soft and bouncy and also provides a glow to it. Besides being a good moisturizer, it also improves complexion and skin tone. 

Even suitable for consumption:

Almond oil is used in salads as dressing, low heat cooking and often added in dishes to provide a unique flavor. As far as health goes, almond oil is known to elevate good cholesterol levels, and research also says that it reduces cardiovascular diseases. 

Cold pressed almond oil is the best one to use for every use. One thing to keep in mind while using cold pressed oil while cooking would be to not subject it to very high temperatures as it could lose its nutrients. 

Sweet almond oil (cold pressed) is used in various households. It is vastly used for hair care and is an excellent step towards maintaining good health, both external and internal. 

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