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Shop Products that I use the most

Wanna check and shop products that I use the most in my kitchen?

Here is a list of few products I use. Do check & shop if you need any of them.

Also, do your own analysis before buying any of them as each one’s priority differs!

Iron utensil / Clay Pots

Our exclusive iron utensil collection is a must for every South Indian kitchen. I insist you to use iron or clay vessels to retain the nutrients in your food as much as possible.

You can also use stainless steel vessels or cookware but the best among are the Iron & clay utensil. For your easier accessibility, I have listed most of the Iron products I use. So you can also explore them & shop products I use.

Iron Roti Press

The above Iron Roti Press is one of my favourite iron utensil that I use in my kitchen. Though I do not use it everyday, it’s of much useful when I do rotis or pooris in large quantities, especially, during festivals. Some of the features that I like with it are

Stainless steel cookware

I have been using pressure cookers made of aluminium since I started cooking. Later, I understood that aluminium spoils the nutrients in food while we cook. In fact, it’s not good to use a pressure cooker but it turned out to be an inevitable utensil in our Indian kitchen for some reasons.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

So, I bought Stainless Steel Pressure cookers from Butterfly at affordable prices. I hesitated to but stainless steel pressure cooker as they costed even triple the amount when compared to aluminium cookers. But I got it for good deals.

New Arrivals – Products I Use

Best Sellers – From Shop Products that I Use the most

I also like the products of Organic India which imparts healthy conscious living in our minds.

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