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இடியாப்பம் உரல் வேண்டாம் | String Hoppers Recipe without Idiyappam Maker | No Idiyappam maker

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No idiyappam ural
No Idiyappam Ural Required!

String Hoppers Recipe no Idiyappam Maker is quite a challenging tasks as we are used to prepare it with the traditional Idiyappam makers, called as “Idiyappam Ural”. To be frank, most of us feel that Idiyappam making is really a boring & tougher tasks! Of course! It is, when done in a wrong way! Here are few simple tricks and tips to make String hoppers without Idiyappam Maker! So, no Idiyappam Ural required!!!

No idiyappam maker from now on!

As you think, the traditional string hoppers made with the Idiyappam makers taste really good. Nothing else can beat its softness and taste! But as an alternative, just to try at times when we feel bored of making such Idiyappams with the Idiyappam makers, here we share a few ideas. So, “இடியாப்பம் உரல் வேண்டாம்” is just an entertaining recipe video showing the alternatives to Idiyappam Ural. But do remember, the taste of such Idiyappam will never going to be as the ones made with traditional Idiyappam Ural! These are less softer and little more thicker than the usual ones!

Here I’m going to share three different methods with which we can prepare yummy idiyappam without the Maker!

Dough Making with Rice Flour

Mixing Rice Flour with Oil and Salt

Before looking at the three methods to prepare String hoppers without Idiyappam maker, let us prepare the required dough. Here we can take a cup of rice flour or Idiyappam flour that we get in the super markets. Just mix two teaspoons of oil/ghee and required salt with the rice flour. The rice flour should be fine powder, so that we get really good idiyappams!

Heat about three-fourth cup of water and stop heating when bubbles start appearing on it. Though boiled water results in better idiyappams, it is tougher to squeeze idiyappams when we prepare it with boiled water. So let’s not boil the water here.

Water is getting heated, look at the bubbles!

Just mix the heated water little-by-little with the rice flour and prepare the dough. When the dough is pressed inside the palm, it should firmly hold the shape! that’s the perfect consistency!

Method-1: Using a Deep Frying Spatula with holes

Rub the dough over a frying spatula

It is just like how we prepare savouries such as “Sev” but the only difference is where we use a slightly thinner batter and here is a thick dough. Place a hand full of dough on the spatula with holes and start rubbing over a greased idiyappam plate or Idly plate with a cloth. The stands are operated and does look like sevs that we prepare with gram flour.

Rounding-off the edges

Keep rubbing and once done, just round-off the edges towards the centre, so that it gets a nice shape. Never ever press over the strands as it gets flattened and might look like a roti!

Method-2: Using a Piping bag that we use for Cake Decorations

Squeezing with a circle nozzle inside a piping bag

We can use a simple small circle nozzle inside a piping bag or we can also just cut a corner of any plastic bag for this purpose.

Piped with a star nozzle

Choose the desired nozzle and the thickness of the idiyappam strands varies as per the size of the nozzle that we use. With this idea, we can make string hoppers of different shapes and designs!

Method-3: Using Lemon Squeezer

With a lemon squeezer

It’s the simplest and easiest way to prepare noodles-like string hoppers! Just fill in the dough inside the lemon squeezer and press over a greased steaming plate/idiyappam plate. We need to fill at least three to five times to prepare a single idiyappam! So do it with patience and the yummy noodles-like idiyappams would be ready in minutes. Do remember to remove the ribbons that squeeze out from the sides of the lemon squeezer as it may spoil the texture of the idiyappam.

What’s Next? Just Steam

Arranging in a rack for steaming

Arrange the plates in a rack and steam them for just ten minutes. Though they differ in thickness, they get cooked in just ten minutes! While steaming, pour only a little of water as the water shouldn’t get mixed with the squeezed idiyappams. If so, it may spoil the shape of the string hoppers.

Once done, just let then sit on the plate for a minute, and then flip it on a plate upside down. Our tasty Idiyappams are ready now!

Cooked String Hoppers

Plus and Minus?


1. They are quick & fast Methods to make Idiyappams.

2. We actually do not need any Idiyappam Makers!


  1. The string hoppers that we prepare with these methods might not be so soft and smooth as we do by using idiyappam Ural/maker.
  2. The strands are little bigger than the usual idiyappams and they taste chewy!

If you are fond of such chewy, noodles-like Idiyappams made into different shapes & designs, then just go ahead! Don’t forget the share your comments with us!

Just a give it a try and share your comments! The full recipe video – இடியாப்பம் உரல் வேண்டாம் | String Hoppers Recipe without Idiyappam Maker is available on our Youtube Channel “Let’s Cook Like Experts” and stay tuned for more yummy recipe!

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